The Mission is a Go


I WANT TO GIVE THANKS FOR GOD’S BLESSING AND YOUR PRAYERS and support for the mission trip I took to Brazil. As I have shared with you, God is moving in some places there where there is only about 2-3% of the population, which are believers in Jesus. I appreciate so much your prayers, support and encouragement as I had the feet on the ground for “our” work in participating in what God is doing in that region of Brazil. Many lives were transformed by the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Missionaries, pastors and church members were encouraged by your prayers and our presence and ministry among them for a few days. Continue to pray for God’s work among these beautiful people.

I WANT TO GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD and to all who worked so hard to make this year’s VBS such a great success. All of our leaders did a tremendous job of helping children to learn the truth of God’s Word. We had our largest attendance this year. So I am thankful to Shannon, Cindy and all the team that made VBS such a great experience. I am also thankful to all who prayed. Prayer is the key to all we do in ministry and life. We saw direct results from your pray- ing this year. Thank you for praying as lives were impacted with the gospel of Jesus.

AS YOU KNOW WE HAVE TWO MORE TEAMS HEADING OUT ON MISSION this summer. The first team leaves for Greenville, South Carolina on July 7th. Soon thereafter another team will be heading to Toronto on July 12th. Please pray faithfully and daily (multiple times daily) for Pastor Mark and Pastor Jared and for these teams and for the people they will encounter each day. Pray that the Lord will use them to accomplish much for His kingdom’s sake. Prayer cards for the teams are available in the church office.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH THE YEAR 2019 and yet when the calen- dar turns to the month of July, we know that the first half of this year is completed! It has been an exciting and busy half year for us as a church and I do not expect the second half of the year to be any less exciting or busy. I am grateful to our staff, volunteer leaders and church members for all you do to help us reach lost people with the gospel and equip saved people to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your faithful service and giving.

JULY ALSO marks the time when our Committee on Committees and Nominating Committee do the bulk of their work to staff our ministries with volunteer leaders for the next church year. You can make their work much easier by vol- unteering for your areas of interest and giftedness. Our Committee on Committees chairperson is Tom Wiggins and our Nominating Committee chairperson is Billy Lowe. Please contact these men or any member of the committee and let them know your specific area of interest. Let me add that each year one of the most challenging ministries to get workers is our nursery/preschool area. Please step up and serve in this most vital area of ministry. You can make an eternal differ- ence in the lives of our youngest ones by showing them the love of Christ even at such an early age. Let’s make the work of our committees a joy this year as everyone steps up and agrees to serve in the nursery/preschool ministry as well as other areas of ministry interest. The more who serve, the less the burden on any one person to serve! Thank you even now for your willingness to serve in the coming year. Let’s make our ministries the best ever as we together continue to“expect great things!”

I PRAY YOU ARE HAVING A MOST BLESSED SUMMER! Enjoy some time with family and friends! Hope you get some vacation time! But when you are in town, remember we still meet every Sunday morning and I hope you will plan to be present! See you on Sunday! Expect Great Things! Live to Love!!!


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