LIFE ’19 – BREAKTHROUGH is almost here!

The dates and times are listed elsewhere in the Crier! We have been praying throughout the month of September and will continue to pray all the way through the services and then after as well. Let me encourage you to do a few things as we approach these services:

1. Pray. Continue to pray seeking the Lord! Seek Him for what He wants to do in your life, in your family and in the OTBC family. Pray intentionally and pray with vulnerability. Ask the Lord to meet you in the hidden and hard places in your life where you have struggled to surrender to Him.

2. Be Present. You will not be able to receive the blessing God has for you if you are not here. So I trust that you have these dates on your calendar written in stone. I truly believe these are going to be transformational days for us as a church.

3. Invite. I encourage you to invite friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, .... to join you for the services. Would it not be great for the sanctuary to be filled each service, not only with OTBC family members, but with friends in a community. Remember our mission is “to connect people to new life in Christ.” This is one opportunity to bring some folks here to meet Jesus as we worship together.

4. As you pray, let me encourage you to pray for Pastor Kevin Brown and for our worship leaders as they prepare for the services. I just believe God stands ready to pour His Spirit out on us as we seek Him with all of our hearts.

As I have shared almost every Sunday over the past month or so, “Breakthrough” for you does not have to wait until October 13. It can begin today. In fact, I pray that you are already sensing God working in your life even now.

Please be faithful to our worship and prayer times leading up to October 13. I believe God is up to something transformational in our midst. I don’t want to miss it and I am sure that you don’t either!

Expect Great Things! May God bless you! See you on Sunday!


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